A Note from the Pastor

I consider the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church  a tremendous opportunity to glorify and praise God.

History itself is a proof of the fact that the Armenian church in general, and the Armenian Evangelical Church in particular, throughout  their existence  have kept the Armenian, cultural and educational households as vivid  reminders of the life of a deported  nation who has been on the verge of extinction. The Arm. Evangelical Bethel church had the exact same motives. Since 1922, With the leadership of Reverend Yeprem Jirnazian,  communal worships  have started to come to life and became part of the everyday  activities for the exiled Armenians living in camps .The Armenian  people ,who were financially independent, knew how to preserve  their  faith and  educational footing, so that they would  renew and refresh their thinking  no matter what.

The sum of all this, was the Armenian Evangelical Bethel  Church with its various activities  and clear faithful calling, it gave them  an Armenian and a Christian education, thus saving an entire generation from amalgamation.

I particularly want to thank each and every one of the church leaders and laymen for their help ,   participations and services  " For the Son of Man  is going to come in his  Father's glory  with  his angels, and then he will reward  each person according to  what he has done." Mathew  16.27

Let  the 90th anniversary of the Arm. Evangelical Bethel Church be an opportunity to remember  God's calling and hear His voice, just like God   says   " Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent  and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove  your lamp stand from its place "  Revelation  2.5

May the almighty God  renew our faith, so that we would  stay  loyal  to our  ancestors' calling   and faithful to   our holy missions .

Reverend Haroutune Selimian

Arm. Evangelical Bethel Church Pastor

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